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Here are step-by-step directions for purchasing use rights and getting access to the high resolution images on www.africamediaonline.com

1) Sign up or login on www.africamediaonline.com

2) Find the image/s you want to purchase and click “add to basket” under the thumbnails.



3) Click on “basket” top right of the page.



4) Select the license you want for the image and click “purchase”.  If the license you want is not there or if you want to discuss your license please email pictures@africamediaonline.com



5) Update your invoice and contact details.




6) Unless you have an approved account you will be directed to pay by credit card.  If you require an account or want to pay by EFT please contact pictures@africamediaonline.com .  A 5% discount is given for all credit card payments.



7) Tick to accept the License Agreement and click on “confirm and proceed”.


8) You will then be taken through to our secure online credit card vendor: Virtual Card Services.  The amount showing will reflect the 5% discount.  Fill in your details and “submit”.



9) On the page that loads you can download your image/s – scroll down to see them.  You can download individually or altogether in a zip file.



My family home has had this image by John Hone’s on the wall for more than 2 decades.  Living in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa, this is an image that one sees everywhere.  It uniquely captures the province from Berg to Beach.  The image was taken by John Hone in 1988.

Berg to Beach

Berg to Beach: John Hone/Art Publishers/Africa Media Online

This iconic image of the province was captured last year again by Steve McCurrah after three years on ‘stand-by’ waiting for the correct weather.

Berg to Beach: Steven McCurrah/Africa Media Online

Steve says: “I took it upon myself to badger John Hone into capturing an update, offering in the exercise that I provide the aviation and he do the photography. This goes back four years and at the time John was immediately keen for this and right behind the idea, but he was battling leukaemia at that stage and not up to it. John insisted however that I should go it alone. Very sadly John succumbed to his fight against the leukaemia in early May 2012. John’s original Beach to Berg has in it the old power station cooling towers of New Germany, the oil tanks at the Point where uShaka stands today, of course the new Moses Mabhida Stadium is not in the original and nor is The Pavilion.”

Fotofringe 2013

A gathering of picture buyers and picture suppliers on an even playing field.

Fotofringe London has been running for 3 years but for the first time this year we sent someone to represent Africa Media Online at the event.  Robyn Keet spent a fantastic day meeting with pictures buyers from the UK.

Fotofringe, unlike its predecessor, the BAPLA Picture Buyer’s Fair, is a “no-frills” event.  Everyone gets the same size table and no banners – in fact nothing bigger than A4 is allowed on the table.  The beauty of this is that energy can be put into what really matters – the relationships between buyers and sellers of image rights.

This year’s event attracted 700 picture buyers and 100 picture libraries.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have something like this in South Africa…?

Reading the Fotofringe directory

Fotofringe 2013



Picture buyers regularly come to the Africa Media Online picture library looking for the work of a particular African photographer.

Here’s a short tutorial in how to find a specific image that you might be looking for if you already know the photographer.

For my previous blog post I had to do just this. I  knew that there was an image taken by George Philipas of an African man holding a globe that I thought would be great for that post. So this is what I did, and what you can do to find those elusive images:

1) I put a short term relating to what was in the picture into the search box ie globe .  Putting a long phrase like “African man holding a globe” really reduces my chances of finding it.

2) I clicked on “advanced search” to the right of the page so that the advanced search box dropped down

3) I chose “George Philipas” from the subcollection list (all photographers should be in the subcollection list)


4) and then hit “Go”

51 images came up, with the one I was looking for among them.  If you click on the screen grab above you will see them all.

If you are still battling to find the image you are looking for you can also ask one of our picture researchers to help you by emailing pictures@africamediaonline.com.  They are on our picture library site all the time and have a good idea of what our collection’s nearly 200,000 images contain.

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The african picture blog is aimed at picture buyers, particularly those in Africa and those interested in pictures from Africa.  It is connected to Africa Media Online. As a picture library, based in South Africa and yet active around the world, we have seen that there is a need for such a site to be a resource for picture buyers here in Africa.  We hope to help fill that gap.

As a company our vision is to let “Africans tell Africa’s story” and our own picture library site is a place where use rights can be purchased for images taken by Africans in Africa.

Africans telling Africa's story

Credit: George Philipas / Africa Media Online

Please feel free to contact us regarding topics and ideas that you would like us to cover in this blog.


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