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Fotofringe 2013

A gathering of picture buyers and picture suppliers on an even playing field.

Fotofringe London has been running for 3 years but for the first time this year we sent someone to represent Africa Media Online at the event.  Robyn Keet spent a fantastic day meeting with pictures buyers from the UK.

Fotofringe, unlike its predecessor, the BAPLA Picture Buyer’s Fair, is a “no-frills” event.  Everyone gets the same size table and no banners – in fact nothing bigger than A4 is allowed on the table.  The beauty of this is that energy can be put into what really matters – the relationships between buyers and sellers of image rights.

This year’s event attracted 700 picture buyers and 100 picture libraries.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have something like this in South Africa…?

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Fotofringe 2013



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