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In response to changes in the industry and our clients requirements we have decided to take some radical steps regarding the pricing of our images.  As of today our new simplified pricing model comes into effect.  We have moved away from the complexities of licensing to enable us to offer clients a simple procedure  for establishing what an image costs.

Images are still sold on a single use, rights managed basis, but broad rights will be given with all licenses.  For example a license for using an image inside a book will now give rights for any size, all languages, all territories and any printrun.

We have also introduced a new license that enables multiple use of an image on various digital platforms – website/blog/social media.

To see the new pricing relevant to your country simply login to www.africamediaonline.com and click on one of the following:
General RM images
Historical images

All existing price agreements will still be maintained and you have the option of continuing with your current price structure or switching to the new simplified model.  If you have any comments or questions relating to our new simplified licensing or would like the latest price list emailed to you please contact Robyn on pictures@africamediaonline.com


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